What To Do When Weewx Stops Updating and Sending Data to Meteotemplate – Part 10

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After using Weewx and Meteotemplate the past couple of years, I noticed that sometimes Weewx randomly stops updating and/or sending data to my Meteotemplate website, Twitter, and other services.

Sometimes, the fix is simply to run a software update on the Raspberry Pi and restarting the Raspberry Pi. Other times, directly restarting Weewx itself is the solution.

As per this page of this guide, run the software update in Terminal using these commands:

  1. sudo apt-get update (and press enter and wait until it’s done)
  2. sudo apt-get upgrade (and press enter and wait until it’s done)
  3. Then restart your Raspberry Pi. Type “sudo reboot” (w/o quotes) Or Start Menu > Shutdown > Reboot

To restart Weewx itself, open Terminal, and copy/paste this:

sudo /etc/init.d/weewx restart (and press enter)

From the Beginning: An Introduction – Part 1

Previous: Publishing Weather Station Data to Third Party Websites – Part 9

My Leduc Weather Station is Going Offline Today (Sept 25 2019)

Our house in Leduc, Alberta has not yet sold. However, my brother has moved to condo and took his internet connection with him.

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As a result, my weather station has been turned off, and will be removed from our garage roof this week. It is no longer uploading weather data and current conditions to Leducweather.ca, Weather Underground, among others, nor to it’s Facebook page or Twitter account.

Despite our attempts to get friends to set it up at their places, so far no one has yet expressed interest. As a last resort, my brother will request approval from his condo board to install it on his condo roof (2 stories tall, which shouldn’t be an issue so long as Winter doesn’t hit first), or to attach it to a tall pole on his deck railing.

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The worst case scenario is that he puts my weather station and it’s related equipment in a box and sends it to me on Vancouver Island (as we already have two here – Comox Weather and Courtenay Weather), where it will stay in a box until we move at some point to a new rental that will allow it, or buy a house and install it there.

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Click image to view larger version
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That said, I would like to take a moment to reflect on how important my weather station at our house in Leduc has been to me, and what it took to install it. It was a tireless effort by my brother, David, and I. He created the wooden block that secured it to the garage roof, and we both took turns in the grueling effort to get up on the ladder and screw several long screws by hand into the garage roof (it demanded a gentle touch, especially being up on a ladder with only pavement below). Had it not been for his efforts and help, my beloved weather station wouldn’t have had the perfect placement in our yard for the most accurate readings possible.

As for getting it online and upload and tweeting current conditions, you’ll have to read my Create Your Own Weather Station Website blog series for all that geeky goodness!

I have always loved anything weather-related, but it wasn’t until I purchased this weather station that I really started to have fun with it, beyond conversations with other weather enthusiasts on Social Media, and of course Josh Classen‘s undeniable and contagious enthusiasm and passion since I first met him in 2003!

You never realize how different localized weather can be at times vs general area forecasts until you have your own weather station, and that just makes you appreciate it even more! Having my own weather stations has been a true joy, and this weather station in Leduc was my first, so it will always hold a special place in my heart!

I can only hope others have appreciated it as well! 🙂

My Toastmasters Speech About Weather

This is my second speech from the CC (Competent Communicator) Toastmasters manual. It covers my love of the weather, what inspired my passion for it, my thoughts on where people should get their weather information, and my weather stations.

I will be learning from this speech, and with the help of my mentor, making changes and fine tuning it in preparation to give a slightly longer version of it in a couple of weeks, which I will also record and post to YouTube and my website.

How to Create Your Own Weather Station Website

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post series is currently a work in progress.

An Introduction

I have been fascinated with weather for many years. A few years ago, I was gifted an Acurite 3-in-1 weather station by a Secret Santa months before I was laid off. A couple of years later, after a particularly harsh winter, I noticed it was showing signs of wear, and decided to replace it. I noticed a good deal on the 5-in-1 unit, and had saw that some others were publishing their weather station data online, and decided I wanted to do that as well. For a while, I was happy with Weather Underground, but realized I wanted my own dedicated site I have control over as well, in addition to publishing current conditions to a Twitter account and Facebook page, and this project was fully realized.

Given the amount of time and effort that went into research and completing this project, I discovered a lot of information that really helped me, so I feel I have an obligation to share the experience with others, in hopes it will help them.

What’s Involved

This project involves several steps, but in a nutshell, it includes:

  • Setting up the Raspberry Pi
  • Web space to host the website
  • Setting Up Meteotemplate (which grabs data and current conditions from the Weewx software on the Raspberry Pi,
  • Setting up Weewx on your Raspberry Pi
  • and Setting up an IFTTT or dlvr.it account to automatically publish updates to Twitter.

For the sake of convenience and easier navigation, here are the 10 parts of this blog post series:

You can find my weather stations websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts here.

Side note: please do NOT reach out to me for any kind of technical support or help regarding this guide. Any such messages will be ignored, as I simply don’t have the time. Though you’re welcome to connect with me in general via email or on Twitter via my Contact page. I will not be held responsible for any actions you take during your own weather station website project setup. My only advice is to backup any files before you make changes, and be very careful and deliberate when making those changes. Best of luck to you!