Dying With Dignity: Why We Wish My Dad Had Been Given the Option of MAID

Thanks to a friend, I discovered this this lengthy Twitter thread. It is absolutely worth reading. it involves an elderly lady who was dying and decided to end life on her terms, with the help and support of her wonderful doctor, MAID (Medically Assisted Death), and her loving family. She absolutely died with dignity.

I only wish my Dad had had the option of MAID. We had discussed it in the months previous to his death in late 2015 and 2016, and he really wanted it. I’m not exaggerating when I say that he literally talked about it and asked for it every time we visited him in Assisted Living. We discussed it with his doctor with him as well. It came into law when he had lost his motor skills thanks to Multiple System Atrophy.

He couldn’t sign the document, and no one else was willing to sign on his behalf, and family wasn’t allowed (because of the risk we could “influence” his decision). Because of this, he spent several weeks in needless pain and suffering before he passed, though they gave him meds to ease the pain and made him as comfortable as possible.

Anyway, hopefully that isn’t a problem now. People who meet the rules can make the decision when they’re of sound mind, and they can sign while they still can, and have MAID when they want it, and die with dignity.