Is ‘Stigma’ Really the Greatest Barrier to Mental Health Treatment? Or is There More To It?

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I recently came across this fantastic article on talking about mental health and barriers to treatment. It honestly reinforces the way I’ve felt, thought, and have experienced for many years! It doesn’t dismiss ‘stigma’, but rather explores what can happen when people actually seek help. Absolutely an article worth reading!

Here are some excerpts:

“Clinging to a more digestible explanation of the issue avoids the more difficult truth: that in 2019, even if you recognize and seek help for your mental health problems, you may not receive it.”

“‘Awareness’ is actually at an all time high, but yet mental health is at an all time low. In the stigma-free utopia we are running toward with arms outstretched – a place in which we have sloganed away all discomfort and found ourselves on the other side of shame – what are we actually likely to find? A broken, unworkable system, that is not equipped to deal with those who need it most.”