Publishing Weather Station data to Third Party Websites – Part 9

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If you want to publish your weather station’s data to sites like Weather Underground, WeatherCloud, or PWSWeather, you can certainly do that as well.

As far as I can tell, it is no longer possible to share weather station data with Weather Underground using the Raspberry Pi. Even though the Weewx software config (.conf) file still has a section for it. I added my newest weather station to my WU account, and added the WU Station ID, and tried my WU password. When that didn’t work, I tried my station ‘Key’. Saving the config file and restarting Weewx after each change. Hours later it still shows as “offline”.

A couple of blog and forum posts I have found seem to indicate that Weewx is configured to use the WU API to upload data. That API is no longer free to use, so it ignores data that tries to use it.

With that said, if you’re determined to publish to WU, and you have an Acurite station, you can buy a device like the Acurite Access (if you’re using an Acurite weather station). Last I checked, it’s $159 on Amazon. The Access apparently communicates with WU differently and publishes data without issue. I have purchased two Access devices for my first two weather stations, but I’m no longer convinced I need to publish to WU with my newest station, especially for that price. I think I’m happy with publishing to my own site, WeatherCloud, and PWSWeather.

It’s worth noting that you can’t publish to MyAcurite with a RPi either. You need an Access to do that as well.

However, you can configure Weewx to upload data to other sites, like WeatherCloud, PWSWeather, and others.

There is a built-in section on the Weewx config file for PWSWeather, but not WeatherCloud. You will need to add it using the third-party Weewx extension.

Open Terminal, and use the following commands:

sudo wget

sudo wee_extension --install weewx-wcloud-0.11.tgz

Now open the Weewx config file, as detailed on the Weewx page of this guide, change “enabled=false” to “enabled=true”, and enter your Station ID and Key, save the changes, and restart Weewx. Then wait a few minutes, and check your WeatherCloud page to see if it updates.

Although I haven’t personally used other brands of weather stations (yet), I’ve been told that some support uploading data to WU and other sites as well.

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