A Cool Little Story About an Old Smartphone, Dropbox, and Sharing Photos

Mom traveled back to Alberta last month for a few days to help our family decide what was be moved to our place in British Columbia, and what was being sold or donated, and to start the process of listing our Alberta house for sale.

She took the above photos using my old phone, which the Dropbox app automatically uploaded to the “Camera Uploads” folder in my Dropbox account, which then synchronized with the “Camera Uploads” Dropbox folder on my computer in British Columbia within minutes. Later on the phone, she walked around to the different rooms and we discussed the items and decided what to do with them.

We were both very impressed with how well that process worked, so I wanted to share it with you!

Obviously, the phone she used had to be connected to the house’s WiFi network in order for the Dropbox app to upload the photos. In our case it was done last Summer before we moved to BC.

Dropbox doesn’t automatically (last I checked) enable camera photo uploads by default, so this feature must be turned on. You can do that by going into “settings”, then…

Tap on “Camera Uploads”, then…

Then tap the slider to “on” to enable Camera Uploads, which then creates the “Camera Uploads” folder in your Dropbox, and linked computers.

Once the photos were done uploading and synchronizing (within minutes), I moved them all to “Photos of Leduc Stuff” folder I created in my Dropbox for easy viewing.

It’s worth noting here that Mom is one of the least tech-savvy people you could ever meet. So for her to take photos and know they simply showed up on my computer impressed both of us. All she had to do was take the photos. Technology and Dropbox did the rest. Beautiful. And stress-free. That was worth what I’m paying this year for Dropbox alone.

You can do this easily with the free version of Dropbox, but overall space is limited to 2GB, which isn’t much nowadays. I pay $120 per year for 1TB. I currently use under 200GB as a self-proclaimed Dropbox “power user”. I’d be happier paying half that for 500GB, which I doubt I’ll come close to, but those options don’t exist yet.

That said, I absolutely recommend Dropbox to everyone, as I have for many years. If you’re thinking of moving and need to share photos in the same way we did, I strongly recommend it. That said, you can also share specific photos and folders with non-Dropbox users via a privately shared link via email, Facebook, etc. Simply right click on the file or folder and click ‘Copy Dropbox link”, and share it as you see fit. 🙂