Why I Love My Pebble Time Watch

I love my Pebble Time Watch! have used a Pebble Time smart watch for a couple of years now. I’ve been tempted at times to get a more expensive smart watch, but the majority of the ones I looked at have many more features (often with a heavy focus on fitness apps), along with other “bells and whistles”, that I simply don’t need or want.

I honestly only want my smart watch to act as a watch, give me the date and time, current weather is a nice bonus, and give me quick at-a-glance notifications for phone calls, texts, and Facebook Messenger (you can choose other apps). It doesn’t make sounds, it just vibrates. That’s it, and it’s all I need. To be fair, the Pebble app does offer fitness-related features for the Time, but they’re known to be poor quality, and I disable them anyway.

Pebble itself went out of business, but you can still find the Pebble app in the iOS app store. It is no longer available on Google Play because the app hasn’t been updated for a couple of years, so it was removed.

You can also download it from websites like APKPure. Android will ask your permission to install it, but it’s perfectly safe and will work just fine.

Thankfully FitBit has allowed to work independently of their servers. They no longer update the app, but it does work. It still asks you to create a Pebble account (which you can no longer do, but that step can be easily skipped and isn’t required to use the app) when you first start the app.

The app communicates with your Pebble just fine via Bluetooth, where you can configure settings and choose a watch face you like. The app doesn’t come with many options, but you can easily (at this point) download a free app (Pebble App Store backup) that contains a store of sorts, but links to third party downloads of user-created watch faces, which can be imported easily into the Pebble app. Pretty straight forward for the most part.

My favorite watch face app is called Aspire. It’s free to use for 24 hours, then requires $0.99USD (via Paypal) to use it forever, which I was happy to pay. It’s a great watch face!

Besides loving the Aspire watch face itself, the extensive settings for the watch face definitely make it worth the dollar spent. Other free watch faces I tried are seriously lacking in comparison.

So, despite the fact that the Pebble company itself went out of business (bought by FitBit, who then basically killed it), I noticed there are many on eBay (at this point) who are selling “new” (unopened, never used) Pebble watches, including the Time, so I bought two of them, which roughly equals the cost of buying one of the more expensive smart watches, depending on the watch. That said, both the original Pebble watch that I no longer use, and the Time, do exactly what I need and nothing more, so I feel it’s a sound investment. In the years to come, I may need buy another kind of smart watch, but for now, I’m a happy Pebble user.